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Here are tips and information to help you get the most out of your visit. See also our Frequently Asked Questions for more specific points

Prior to your endodontic appointment.

  • Please bring your reference request and your radiographs, if your dentist has provided you with this information.
  • Please bring the list of your medications with the name and the dosage prescribed by your doctor or self-prescribed medications names, as well as your known allergies.
  • Please continue to take your medication as prescribed by your doctor. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us prior to the dental appointment.
  • If your doctor or your dentist has advised you in the past to take antibiotics prophylactically due to a cardiac problem, a rheumatic fever or an artificial joint, please mention it prior to taking the dental appointment.
  • Prior to a dental appointment, if your medical condition allows (depends on your regular medication and health condition), you can take Ibuprofen before your treatment appointment, so as to reduce the post-operative pain and inflammation. Two to 3 tablets of 200mg of Ibuprofen (ex. Advil) are recommended 2 hours prior to the appointment.
  • Please make sure to eat breakfast or lunch prior to your appointment as you would usually do.
  • Note that the endodontic examination last about 15-30 minutes, whereas an endodontic treatment last about 90 minutes.

During the appointment

  • An endodontic exam will be done and the results will be explained to you prior to any start of treatment.
  • All endodontic procedures are done under local anesthesia. There are no restriction for your drive back home or your return to work, with the exception of a sedative prescription or if otherwise indicated by your endodontist. This would be mentioned to you in advance.

After the root canal appointment

  • There is no restriction after the root canal treatment for driving or going back to work.
  • Discomfort on the tooth and next to the gums is usually expected for a few days after the root canal treatment. The pain/discomfort should be controlled with the medication recommended by your endodontist. This medication consists usually of Ibuprofen (ex. Advil) and/or Acetaminophen (ex. Tylenol). This can vary according to your medical condition.
  • If the pain can not be controlled by the medication, or if a swelling appeared, please contact us immediately at (514) 344-3636. Note that the need for antibiotics is rare following a root canal treatment and it is necessary in about 1-3% percent of the patients.
  • Usually, following a root canal treatment or a retreatment, you will need a new permanent restauration. This can be a crown or a regular filling depending of the situations. An appointment with your dentist should be established in the next 2-4 weeks following your endodontic therapy. Avoid chewing on the treated tooth until the permanent filling is installed.
  • Continue to brush your teeth and flossing as normal, except if your endodontist has indicated otherwise.
  • A detailed report about your endodontic treatments along with the taken radiographs will be send to your general dentist.

After your apical surgery appointment

Discomfort is normal after an endodontic surgery. It is reduced by the use of the medication suggested. Please take the medication as prescribed by your endodontist. If the pain and/or swelling increases after 72h, please contact the office at (514) 344-3636 or in the evenings/weekends on the emergency number indicated to you.

Swelling following an apical surgery is normal. The peak of the swelling is 2-3 days after the apical surgery. It can controlled with the regular use of ice packs in the 24H following the surgery. The use of ice packs every 15-20 minutes followed by a pause of 15-20 minutes is recommended in the first 24H following the surgery.

A slight bleeding or oozing of the wound in the 24-48H after the apical surgery can be part of common complications. If the bleeding is more abondant, you can apply a coton or a tea bag on the area of bleeding and hold it with firm and continuous pressure for 15 minutes. If the the bleeding increases or persists, please contact us.

Recommendations :
  • Avoid physical activities following the surgery.
  • Ideally, plan to return home after the surgery and relax for the rest of the day.
  • Take the prescribed medication as indicated.
  • Avoid eating on that side of the apical surgery until your follow-up appointment.
  • Eat foods that are softer for about 5 days post-surgery. Dont eat or drink highly hot food or beverages for 24-48h.
  • Don’t drink out of a straw or spit abundantly as this could increase the chances of bleeding.
  • Dont retract the lip or the cheek following the surgery at least until the suture removal appointment.
  • Don’t brush or use the dental floss in the surgery area until your suture removal appointment. However, you can continue your regular dental cleaning routine in the other areas. The use of Peridex (a Chlorexidine based mouth rince will be recommended) after the main meals so as to keep the surgerized area clean.
  • A removal of sutures appointment as well as a check-up will be given to you 5-7 days after the surgery. This appointment is free of charge and only last 5-10 minutes.
  • If you have an emergency or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us during the day at (514) 344-3636 or use the emergency phone number that has been given to you at the end of your surgery appointment.

Follow-up appointment

A follow-up appointment to evaluate the healing is included in your treatment. We will call you back 12 months after the end of your treatment to schedule an appointment. The absence of symptoms or pain does not imply in all cases the apical healing. A follow-up radiograph is therefore necessary. This appointment is free and lasts only a few minutes.

Billing :

  • Patients are fully responsable for all fees charges at Endodontie Lotus regardless of personal insurance coverage or the RAMQ coverage.
  • Payment is required at the end of the appointment.
  • Our office is accepts Visa, MasterCard, Debit and cash. We do not accept American Express or personal cheques.


  • We do not deal directly with the insurance compagnies.
  • When the treatment is completed and upon receipt of payment, our staff will give you the papers to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.
  • The coverage that your insurance offers will be paid to you directly.
  • We are not affiliated to the RAMQ, therefore the treatments rendered in our office will not be reimbursed by the RAMQ. Sometimes, those fees are not reimbursed by your own insurance company. An estimate for your insurance can be given to you at the consultation appointment so as to clarify the exact coverage you may have for the treatments.


Endodontie Lotus a deux cliniques, une à Ville Mont-Royal et une à Rosemère. Nos secrétaires vous ont confirmé l’adresse exacte de votre rendez-vous. Assurez-vous de vous diriger vers la bonne adresse pour votre prochain rendez-vous. En cas de doute, veuillez nous appeler au 514-344-3636.






Endodontie Lotus has two clinics, one in Town of Mount Royal and one in Rosemere. Our secretaries have confirmed the exact address of your appointment. Please make sure you are directed to the right address for your next appointment. If in doubt, please call us at 514-344-3636.

Thank you for your time,